A JPEG Decoder in JavaScript

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This Could Be Better

The JavaScript code below represents an incomplete and buggy attempt to implement a simple JPEG decoder. To see it in action, copy it into an .html file, open that file in a a web browser that runs JavaScript, and click the Upload button to load a specified JPEG image file.

At a high level, the JPEG encoding algorithm works as follows:

1. The color of each pixel in an image is translated into the YCbCr color space, in which the “Y” component represents the brightness, or “luma” of a pixel, while the “Cb” and “Cr” components encode the hue, or “chroma” of the pixel.

2. In some images, groups of neighboring chroma pixels (usually in 2 x 2 blocks) are averaged together, and only the average chroma of each group is stored. This reduces the number of chroma pixels that need to be encoded, at the expense of lowering the…

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